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Chapter 9 Acids, Bases and pH Quest
Directions: Using your packet/textbook, complete the following “quest”
Chp 9-1
1. What is an acid?
2. List several properties of acids:
3. What makes an acid strong (or weak)?
4. What type of ion do all acids form?
5. What is an electrolyte?
6. Which type of acid can conduct electricity?
7. Give several examples of acids that are strong or weak: Make chart on your
Strong Acids
Weak Acids
8. How can you protect yourself from strong acids?
9. What is a base?
10. List several properties of bases:
11. What makes a base strong (or weak)?
12. What type of ion do all bases form?
13. Which type of base can conduct electricity?
14. Give several examples of bases that are strong or weak:
Strong Base
Weak Base
15. How can you protect yourself from strong bases?
16. Do concentrated and strong mean the same thing?
17. What does concentrated mean?
18. What does strong mean?
19. What is an indicator and give a few examples:
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20. What is pH?
21. What is the pH scale?
22. What is a neutral solution? pH of a neutral solution?
Indicate the below on a pH scale copied on your paper.
23. What is the pH of acids? What is the pH of the strongest acid? The weakest?
24. What is the pH of bases? What is the pH of the strongest base? The weakest?
25. What does the pH of a solution indicate?
26. What is the relationship between the molarity written in scientific notation and the
pH? Give an example:
27. How much is the hydronium concentration changed by moving up one whole
number on the pH scale. Give an example:
28. What is a pH meter?
Chp 9-2
1. What is a neutralization reaction?
2. Write an example of a neutralization reaction:
3. What are spectator ions?
What is a salt?
Name some examples of salts:
How are salts important?
What form of salts do humans use?
8. What determines the pH of the final solution?
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9. Indicate the ph of the following reactions if you have equal amounts of each:
 Strong acid 0 + strong base 14= pH__________
 Strong acid 1 + weak base 9 = pH__________
 Weak acid 6 + strong base 14= pH__________
 Weak acid 6 + weak base 8= pH__________
10. What is titration?
11. What does titration help you determine?
12. What is the equivalence point?
Chp 9-3
1. Where can you find acids, bases and salts?
What is a soap?
What is a fatty acid?
Which part of soap mixes with water?
Which part of soap mixes with oils?
What is hard water?
What is soap scum?
8. What is a detergent?
9. How are detergents different from soaps?
10. What is a disinfectant?
11. What is bleach?
12. What shouldn’t you use with bleach and why?
13. What is ammonia?
14. What is an antiacid?
15. Name some health and beauty products found around the home:
16. What are shampoos and what do they do?
17. What is an antioxidant and what do they do?
18. Name several food products that are acids or bases:
19. Name some cleaning products that contain acids or bases: