Eight Traits of Totalitarianism WS

World History
PowerPoint Worksheet/Quiz: Eight Traits of Totalitarianism
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A. Define Totalitarianism:
B. What is the difference between an autocratic state (rule by a king, dictator, czar, or other single person) and a totalitarian
C. Complete the following table by first writing in the 8 traits (characteristics) of totalitarians states and then providing an
example of each trait for the totalitarian states listed. Two and three letter hints are provided for the first column.
Totalitarian Trait
1. GL:
2. UI:
3. SPR:
4. TL:
Soviet Union
5. SP/T:
6. CE:
7. CM/E:
8. HBR:
D. In your opinion, which of the totalitarian states listed above exercised the most total control over its people? Support your
answer with specific examples of how that totalitarian state sought to completely control the lives of its citizens.