Totalitarian Book Cover

Totalitarian Book Cover (Dust Cover) Directions – See grading rubric
The theme of the book cover is totalitarian governments. A totalitarian
government is one that takes total, centralized state control over every aspect of
public and private life (Read 440-445)
 You may create your own book idea about a society that is governed by a
totalitarian dictator. Your story must contain characteristics of a totalitarian
government and its impact on the people.
 You may choose to create a book cover directly based in either Hitler or
Stalin which represents the totalitarian governments set up by each of
these two dictators.(Read pages 440-445, 477-480)
Book Title – on cover
Choose a title that is appropriate for your chosen book. Make sure it is prominent
and clear.
Author’s Name and Bio – on cover and flap
If you choose to create your own story you are the author or If you choose Stalin
or Hitler as your book topic you will also be the author and you will have to create
and write your own bio.
Cover Art – on cover
Cover art reflects or represents the topic of the book in some way. Make sure
your cover art is a reflection of totalitarianism. There is room for creativity and
individuality in your choices.
Synopsis of Story - on flap
The synopsis is a brief summary of the book. It is usually 1-3 small paragraphs.
Remember the theme of the book should be about totalitarianism. The synopsis
for your book will describe the Totalitarian State you create. The synopsis for
Hitler or Stalin should include a summary of totalitarian states set up by each of
these men including how they came to power and what life was like under these
Recommendations – Back Cover
These are people who have read your book and have provided recommendations
that people buy and read the book. Be creative and have fun with this one.
Include several.
Grammar and Mechanics
Proof read for spelling, grammar and content. Read each section to be sure that it
reads like you intended. Problems of this nature will cause a loss of points.
Look at other books for examples of all of the above requirements. This may help
inspire you and give you ideas for your own design.