Introduction to Microeconomics

Introduction to Microeconomics
Econ 221
Diablo Valley College
Course Description
Second term of a two-semester sequence. Microeconomics takes a closer view
of demand and supply, elasticity, looks at pricing of goods and services, pricing
of factors of production, international trade, income distribution and discusses
different microeconomic topics.
Scope of the course:
Basic economic methodology
Basic analysis of prices, demand and supply
Behavior of firms in different markets
Market for factors of production
Microeconomic issues
International trade
Material you will be responsible for:
-“Economics Today: the Micro View” by Miller (15th ed) – required text –
- “Course Compass /My Econ Lab” code required
-Occasional handouts
-Articles from Business Week and online articles
Students will be responsible for the following:
- Read the appropriate chapter and listen to the videotaped lecture dealing with
the topic to be discussed that week
- Work online when not in class
- Attend and participate in class
- Take two midterms and a final
- Take weekly quizzes and homework (on line) Coursecompass/My Econ Lab
- Hand in occasional assignments
Your final grade will be computed in the following manner:
- 25% Midterm I
- 25% Midterm II
- 30% Final Exam
- 10% Quizzes
- 10% Homework
Exam 1 and exam 2 will be 80% multiple choice and 20% essays, while your final will be
comprehensive and include current events topics (50% essays and 50% multiple choice)
- every hour of lecture time ought to be complemented with 2 hours of work
outside of class
- Instructor will not drop students after the first week of class.
There will be no make ups for quizzes, homework or midterms. The instructor
will drop one quiz and one homework for situations of emergency.
Only typed material will be accepted as homework and a ruler will be used for
Econ tutors will be available free of charge in the Tutoring Center and online.
The discussion board should be used to communicate with colleagues, to ask
and answer questions about the text and lecture material.
Video taped lectures are available online and you are encouraged to listen to
the video as a preparation for the class lecture.
Economics is a logical science. It uses different methods of expressing the
information and can easily be applied to current events and your lives. Take
the time to understand and not memorize the information. Do not look for
shortcuts, proceed through the material according to the tentative schedule and
do not cram. Understanding the material will allow you to apply it and thus
reinforce what you have learned. I know that if you apply these simple rules
you will actually enjoy economics.
Welcome to Econ 221!!