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To: From: Date: Subject: Mayor and Board of Commissioners Administrative Services April 26, 2004 Budget Adjustment #10 for FY 2003-2004 Attached for your consideration is Budget Adjustment #10 that consists of seventeen requests. General Fund The first request increases anticipated revenues from FEMA Reimbursement by $4,464 with increases to the general fund department line items for Hurricane Isabel expenditures incurred or expended to date. Included are transfers to P/W Facilities Maintenance of $4,464 primarily for the emergency berm project. The second request transfers funds budgeted in CIP this fiscal year for additional rest stops on the multiuse path in the amount of $16,005 with a corresponding increase to P/W Facilities Capital Outlay Other. The third request increases anticipated revenues from Facility Fees by $25,000 with a corresponding increase to Contribution to Capital Reserve Fund to transfer facility fees collected during this fiscal year to the Capital Reserve Fund for use in subsequent years. The fourth request increases anticipated use of Appropriated Fund Balance by $581 with a corresponding increase to P/W Facilities Maintenance/Repair Buildings for the initial costs incurred for repairs to the former OBMC building for expenditures incurred or encumbered to date. The fifth request increases anticipated revenues from Land Transfer revenues by $15,140 with a corresponding increase in Planning to provide funding for overtime and contracted services for an additional building inspector due to storm related workload and position vacancies. Included are increases to Overtime in the amount of $7,909, to FICA in the amount of $605, to Retirement in the amount of $389, to 401K in the amount of $237, and to Contracted Services in the amount of $6,000. The sixth request allocates Career Development funds of $908 from Administrative Services to various general fund departments for the training and travel costs incurred this fiscal year. Included are transfers to P/W Administration of $127, to Police of $391, to Animal Control of $304, and to Fire of $86. The seventh request transfers $6,773 from Contingency to Planning Salaries and related benefits to fund the leave payout due to personnel turnover.

The eighth request transfers funds within Governing Body in the amount of $1,500 from Travel to Contracted Services to provide sufficient funding for the remaining fiscal year primarily for the costs of taping monthly and mid-month Board meetings for broadcast. The ninth request transfers $1,000 within Administration from Telephone to Dues & Subscriptions to provide sufficient funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. The tenth request transfers $1,607 from Administrative Services Maintenance/Repair - Computers to Planning Other Supplies for the purchase a replacement printer. The eleventh request transfers $3,000 within Administrative Services to Department Supplies to provide sufficient funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. The twelfth request transfers funds in the amount of $2,500 within P/W Sanitation from Contracted Services to Department Supplies to provide sufficient funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. The thirteenth request transfers $2,000 within Police from Salaries – FT to Salaries – PT to fund temporary staffing of a position vacancy until filled. Water Fund The fourteenth request transfers $1,921 within Water Administration from Bad Debt to Lease/Purchase Principal and Interest in the amounts of $1,856 and $65, respectively, to fund the second year of debt service on computer workstations purchased in the water fund during last fiscal year. This debt payment was originally funded in the general fund, however, the workstations were subsequently assigned to water fund users. The fifteenth request increases anticipated revenues from Septic Loan Repayments in the amount of $10,000 with a corresponding increase in the Septic Health department Septic Loans to fund additional septic loans for the remainder of the fiscal year. The sixteenth request transfers $16,648 from Water Fund CIP to Water Operations and Fresh Pond L/P Principal in the amounts of $10,821 and $5827, respectively, for the initial year of debt service for the purchase of SCADA system, radio system, and process instrument upgrades. The seventeenth request transfers $1,615 within Water Distribution from Advertising to Maintenance/Repair Other to provide sufficient funding for the remainder of the fiscal year. 2


BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Nags Head, North Carolina, meeting in session this the 5th day of May 2004, that the budget ordinance adopted on June 18, 2003, effective July 1, 2003, as amended August 6, 2003, 3. 2. September 3, 2003, October 1, 2003, November 5, 2003, December 3, 2003, January 7, 2004, and February 4, 2004, March 3, 2004, and April 7, 2004, is hereby further amended to read as follows: SECTION 1, GENERAL FUND 1. Taxes Revenues Anticipated Current Year Ad Valorem Taxes Prior Year Taxes Penalties and Interest Sales Tax (1/2%) (40) Sales Tax (1/2%) (42) Sales Tax (1/2%) (44) Local Option Sales Tax (1%) Occupancy Tax Land Transfer Tax $ 3,350,316 15,000 10,000 176,543 170,713 215,787 877,045 1,552,514 696,040 TOTAL TAXES LICENSES & PERMITS $ 7,063,958 Privilege Licenses Beach Driving Permits Building Permits CAMA Permits Review Fees $ 86,500 12,500 325,000 10,000 55,000 150 Automobile Licenses TOTAL LICENSE & PERMITS $ 489,150 INTERGOVERNMENTAL REVENUES Federal: State: FEMA Reimbursement Utility Franchise Tax Telecommunications Tax Beer and Wine Tax State Street Aid Allocation Court Fees Wellness Grant NC CJIN Grant NCLM Grants GHSP Grants NC Forest Service Grant $ 6,029,849 240,000 30,000 10,000 121,375 5,000 1,750 6,839 3,500 27,580 26,000 Local: Contributions from Water Fund Contributions from Other Governments Contributions from Capital Reserve Fund OBVB Grant – Hollowell Street Access 500,000 132,356 468,039 9,000 3

4. TOTAL INTERGOVERNMENTAL MISCELLANEOUS REVENUES Investment Earnings Sale of Fixed Assets ABC Distributions Mixed Drink Surcharge Dumpster Sales Automated Cart Sales Facilities Fees Rents (YMCA pass-through) Pond Island Street Assessment Loan Proceeds All Other Revenues TOTAL MISCELLANEOUS REVENUES APPROPRIATION - FUND BALANCE TOTAL GENERAL FUND REVENUES Expenditures Authorized by Department Governing Body Special Projects Administration Legal Services Administrative Services Planning and Development Public Works - Administration Maintenance Garage Facilities Maintenance Sanitation Solid Waste Disposal State Street Aid Police Drug Forfeiture Animal Control Fire Fire(Volunteers) Ocean Rescue Transfer to Capital Reserve Fund Contingency Capital Improvements Plan TOTAL GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES Charges for Utilities Water Sales to Regional System Taps/Connection Fees Reconnection Fees Interest on Investment SECTION II, WATER FUND Revenues Anticipated 4 $ 7,611,288 $ 210,000 23,000 11,000 50,000 27,070 34,400 125,000 803,820 1,498 439,435 52,902 $ 1,778,125 $ 1,060,144 $ 18,002,665 $ 298,274 803,820 374,050 52,950 1,522,490 814,888 958,745 225,672 6,938,386 1,233,353 587,327 15,000 1,928,745 454 75,200 1,255,979 50,172 614,715 222,874 0 29,571 $18,002,665 $2,083,132 84,435 40,000 10,000 30,000

Rents Penalties and Interest Septic Loan Repayments FEMA Reimbursement Miscellaneous Revenues Loan Proceeds Appropriated Retained Earnings TOTAL WATER FUND REVENUES Expenditures Authorized Administration Septic Health Operations Fresh Pond Distribution Contribution to General Fund Contingency CIP TOTAL WATER FUND EXPENDITURES SECTION III, NAGS HEAD LEASING CORPORATION Revenues Anticipated TOTAL NAGS HEAD LEASING REVENUES Expenditures Authorized TOTAL NAGS HEAD LEASING EXPENDITURES SECTION IV, CAPITAL RESERVE FUND Contribution from General Fund Appropriations/Admin. FF Appropriations/Fire. FF Appropriations/Police FF Appropriations/Sanitation FF Revenues Anticipated Appropriations/Recreation FF Appropriations/Municipal Complex Debt Appropriations/Erosion Abatement Appropriations/SNH Fire/Police Facility Appropriations/TWEACR TOTAL CAPITAL RESERVE FUND REVENUES Expenditures Authorized Contributions to General Fund Repayment of Interfund Debt to General Fund Contributions to Fund Balance 5 63,262 25,000 20,000 34,193 3,450 1,380,494 398,593 $ 4,172,559 $ 104,994 416,627 2,373,184 275,550 467,848 500,000 34,156 200 $ 4,172,559 $ 0 $ 0 $ 100,000 62,010 40,592 54,408 50,999 42,000 66,526 30,000 115,000 311 $ 561,846 $ 421,254 40,592 100,000



$ 561,846

$ 22,737,070


SECTION V, TAX RATE ESTABLISHED A tax rate of Thirty-seven and eight-tenths ($.378) cents per hundred dollar valuation is hereby levied on all real estate and personal property in the Town of Nags Head as of January 1, 2003. The estimated valuation of said property is Eight Hundred Ninety Nine Million, Eight Hundred Twenty-Four Thousand, and Four Hundred Dollars ($899,824,400). The estimated collection rate of Ninety-Eight and One-Half Percent (98.50%) is based on the collection rate for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2002. SECTION VI, SPECIAL AUTHORIZATION - BUDGET OFFICER The Budget Officer shall be authorized to reallocate departmental appropriations among the various objects of expenditures as (s)he believes necessary. Such changes shall be reported to the Finance Officer immediately, and to the Governing Body at the next regular meeting or on the next succeeding monthly budget transfer report. The Budget Officer shall be authorized to make interdepartmental transfers, in the same fund, not to exceed 10% of the appropriated monies for the department whose allocation is reduced. Notation of all such transfers shall be made to the Board of Commissioners at the next regular meeting or on the next succeeding monthly budget transfer report. SECTION VII, RESTRICTION - BUDGET OFFICER The use of any contingency appropriations shall be accomplished only with prior authorization from the Board of Commissioners. No salary increases, beyond those set forth in the budget document may be made without Board approval. The use of appropriations established for Capital Reserve may be accomplished only with the approval of the Board. Interfund Transfers, not established in the budget document, may be accomplished only with prior authorization from the Board. SECTION VIII, UTILIZATION OF BUDGET AND BUDGET ORDINANCE This Ordinance and the Budget Document shall be the basis of the financial plan for the Town of Nags Head, North Carolina Municipal Government during the 2003-2004 Fiscal Year. The Budget Officer shall administer the Budget and (s)he shall insure that operating officials are provided guidance and sufficient details to implement their appropriate portion of the Budget. The Accounting Section shall establish records which are in accordance with the Budget and this Ordinance and the appropriate statutes of the State of North Carolina. ADOPTED THIS






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