MikesBikes Notes

MikesBikes Single-Player Assignment
Due Friday, 4/16/09
In order to gain some familiarity with the SmartSims website and the
MikesBikes-Intro Single-Player game, you should play through five
rounds (decision periods) of the simulation at least 3 times. The goal is
to obtain the highest shareholder value possible for your firm.
Shareholder value is a measure of how much value a shareholder has
received from owning one share of your company from the moment
you took over running it. Shareholder value is calculated by adding
any dividends you have paid to your current share price.
There are 2 ways that you can increase your shareholder value:
1) Increase profits by increasing sales and/or reducing costs.
2) Pay dividends if you have more cash than you need.
To Be Turned In Friday
For each of the five rounds, you must submit a printed copy of
your 1) Industry Benchmark report (under Industry reports)
and 2) Decisions report (under Firm reports). After the fifth
round, also print out a copy of the Income Statement History
(under Firm Reports). Make sure your name is on all reports.
You only need to do the printouts for one of your trials with the
single player version (not all three attempts).