Paper Tower Lab

The Tallest Tower
Your task today, working in groups of not more than 3, is to build the
tallest tower you possibly can! To help you complete this task you will
receive the following materials:
-2 sheets of paper
-3 paperclips
-35 cm of Scotch Tape
Additionally, you may use scissors to build your tower although they may
not be a part of your final design.
There are only 3 rules for this activity:
1. The tower must be completely free
standing. In other words it can not be
attached to the surface it is on or
held up with any materials other than
those specifically allowed.
2. The tower must stand long enough for
me to measure it. If I can’t get
there in time it didn’t stand long
3. You must measure the height of your
tower, to the nearest mm. 1 bonus point will be awarded for
coming within 2 mm of my measurement.
You have as much time in class to work on this as necessary for you to
earn the grade you want. If you finish early, clean up your lab station
and spend the rest of the time working on your other class assignments.
Points will be awarded based on the height of your tower
at a rate of 10 points per meter. Plus the tallest tower of
the day will receive a 3 point bonus!!!! (1 bonus point for
your measurement being within 2mm of mine.
Your measurement
My measurement