Farewell Message From A.Shanmugam, AGM / HRDC Dear Friends

Farewell Message From
A.Shanmugam, AGM / HRDC
Dear Friends,
Greetings. On the eve of my retirement on superannuation I suddenly come into realization
of the fact that “Time” waits for nobody and it runs really fast!. From the day when I joined
BHEL(T) as an ET, to 23rd March 2013 when I am retiring, thirty six years have passed
like a fleeting moment as an early-morning dream. However, this life is real and it made me
to experience and cherish every bit of it.
BHEL has provided me good opportunities to work with International Institutes and experts
during my tenure at Welding Research Institute (WRI) which has become a world class
institute today. Working with them I could gain expertise in specialized areas of welding
technology and I could contribute in development of special welding processes like Electro
Gas welding and welding automation systems
After my transfer to C&I Centre of C&I department, I had the satisfaction of directly
contributing to the business of company by assembling and meeting the delivery schedules
of in-house C&I products to customers of BHEL. With the dedicated efforts of C&I team we
could quickly develop and supply critical C&I Items like HEA Ignitors, Gravimetric feeder
control panels etc to the satisfaction of our customers.
In the third phase of my career, I was asked to lead the training and development activities
of HRDC which gained importance due to the large-scale recruitment of employees at all
levels after a long gap. During this period of serving in HRDC for two and half years I have
the satisfaction that I have been part of the team which trained more than 1000
TempArtisans, 600 STs and 500 ETs.
I have gained good knowledge, specialized skills and could accomplish some notable goals
in my profession because of the freedom given by BHEL management and the support
provided by the colleagues & those worked with me in this great Maharatna Company called
BHEL. I express my sincere gratitude for BHEL and the people who serve this great
I also sincerely thank all those who work in HR, Civil, Administration, Maintenance
Medical departments for the very pleasant life my family and children enjoyed.
I am sure with the dedication and commitment of every one of you BHEL will reach greater
heights globally.
Wishing you all the best. Auf Wiedersehen !, Adieu ! Namaste ! Vanakkam !
A.Shanmugam Mobile: 94426 19146 e-mail.ashan53@gmail.com