Super Size Me

Super Size Me
Video Questions
During the movie:
What was Morgan’s weight at the start of the month?
At the start of the month Morgan weighs 185.5 pounds.
Did his doctors think that his health would suffer greatly from his
The doctor’s said he would gain weight but overall be fine.
How much money does McDonalds spend on advertising each year?
McDonald’s spends $1.4 billion on advertising each year.
How much did Morgan weigh at the second weigh in?
At the second weigh-in, Morgan weighed in at 203 pounds.
What was the major health concern that the doctors were concerned about
near the end of the experiment?
Near the end of the experiment, doctors were concerned about Morgan’s high
blood pressure which was affecting by making him sick.
What was Morgan’s weight at the end of the experiment?
At the end of the experiment, Morgan weighed-in at 210 pounds!
After watching the movie:
1. What do you think is the reason that McDonalds refused to be interviewed
for this movie?
I think that they knew they would lose customers which would bring their
business down worldwide.
2. Who do you think is more to blame for obesity in America: companies that
spend billions of dollars to tell you that their food is good to eat, or
individuals who don’t make good decisions regarding their health?
Personally, I think this is the companies fault because they’re basically falseadvertising right in front of our eyes but also individuals should know about this
and how to deal with it.
3. After watching this movie, what changes do you think you may need to
make in your diet?
Personally, I don’t think I need to make any changes to my diet because I
stopped eating McDonalds about four months ago because I had already knew
this wasn’t real chicken and is very unhealthy.
4. Do you think that having junk food and pop in school vending machines is
a good idea? If you were in charge, what changes could you make to
improve the eating habits of students in school?
No, I do not think pop in vending machines and junk food is a good idea as I
buy from there very rarely. If I were in charge, I would have an assembly which
would explain how unhealthy junk food is and how it is formed.
5. The last time you purchased food at school, what did you buy? Would you
have made a more nutritious choice if more options were available? Why
or why not?
I bought a slice of pizza, I would buy a fruit salad or a salad if available but
only if the price is reasonable because it is more of a nutritious choice.