ASSIGNMENT #37 supersize Me & Crossword




1.) Explain how Morgan was affected by his experiment. Emotionally? Physically? Mentally? ( 5 marks) 2.) Identify and explain the overall message of this documentary. Why do you feel Morgan made this documentary? (3 marks) 3.) In considering this movie, how and why is proper nutrition important for you and your job. (5 marks) 4.) Describe your overall opinion of the movie. Thoughts? Feelings? (3 marks) TOTAL /16 marks


Here’s a little something to help you answer question #1. Follow the instructions below. Use this method to help you with other questions. INSTRUCTIONS:

ANSWER EACH QUESTION WITH ONE WORD ONLY PLEASE!!!!!! ANY ANSWER HAVING MORE THAT ONE WORD WILL RESULT IN A ZERO!!! 1.) Identify the most common emotion Morgan felt throughout the movie. Identify one part of Morgan’s body that was most effected. Name one state Morgan visited throughout his travels to different McDonalds. If you were the doctor, how would you describe Morgan’s health at the beginning of the movie? If you were the doctor, how would you describe Morgan’s health at the end of the movie? In one word, describe Morgan’s relationship with his girlfriend by the end of the movie. Identify one item of food Morgan ate. Identify one concern Morgan had about his experiment. Identify one task Morgan was not allowed to do throughout his experiment. How long did the experiment last? Identify one reaction Morgan’s body had to the McDonalds food. 2.) Using each one word answer from the above questions, organize a complete, well written answer explaining question #1.

Every word must be included in your answer.