Topic:Weather Lesson:22

Topic: Weather
Lesson aims:By the end of this lesson the children will be able to say the
days of the week, put together a simple weather forecast,
Starter:Revise weather phrases from previous lesson. Say the phrase
Aujourd’hui c’est lundi…il fait beau. With some help see if the children can
work aout the meaning of this sentence.
1. Introduce the days of the week with flashcards and
some choral repetition.
To read some
familiar words
2. Introduce actions for each day of the week:lundi – hands and phrases
on lap; mardi – hands on shoulders; mercredi – touch ears; aloud and
jeudi – touch your nose; vendredi – hands on head; samedi pronounce
– hands in the air; dimanche – stand up
Build a
3. Now sing the days of the week to the tune “Frère
sentence with
2 ideas
4. In pairs, using the days of the week ask the children to
put together sentences to describe the weather in
France on a particular day.Model a sentence on the board
lundi à Caen il ya du vent
( they can make their sentences rhyme)
5. Put a map of France on the board and place the weather
symbols on the table in front of the board. Ask the
children to come to the front in their pairs and do one or
more of their sentences. One child say the phrase and
the other place the symbol on the board.
6. Practise Nord,Sud,Est Ouest and then sing the song
“ La Meteo” (Singing French track 38)
©MFL Sunderland 2009 RM
Plenary:. Do a quick fire session around the class to give you a weather phrase
and action as quickly as possible.
Resources required:
Flashcards for days of the week – resource 25.1
Map of France – resource 24.1
Singing French track 38 – resource 25.2
Language Required:
mardi –Tuesday
mercredi – Wednesday
jeudi – Thursday
vendredi –Friday
samedi – Saturday
dimanche - Sunday
Follow on activities:Note that the days of the week in French are written in
lower-case letters (unless at the beginning of a sentence)
Sing the days of the week song during the week.
Put a weather chart on the board and ask the weather every day in your town.
©MFL Sunderland 2009 RM