Lesson plan - Light Bulb Languages

Topic: Beach Scene
Lesson: 66
Lesson aims: By the end of this lesson you will be able to use colours to give a
simple description of a scene.
Starter: Revise colours eg: put colour cards on wall and play “Touchez
l’image.“ 2 children come to the front, call out a colour and, the winner is the
first child to touch the correct picture.
1. Show an image of the Degas painting Scène de plage.
To listen
Introduce new vocabulary and revise colours by
attentively and
describing an item, eg La mer est verte (the sea is
understand more
green). Children indicate which part of the picture you
complex phrses
are describing. Repeat with other items, such as le sable and
est jaune (the sand is yellow), le ciel est bleu (the sky is sentences.(O5.3)
To recognise
blue), le bateau est rouge (the boat is red) and le chien
patterns in
est marron (the dog is brown)
2. Consolidate new language by paying some flashcard games sentences(KAL)
To manipulate
(“morpion”, ”Qu’est ce qui manque?”, )
language by
3. Hand out mini flashcards and call out more simple
changing an
descriptions, such as Le chien est vert (The dog is
element in a
green)Children match up the colour and noun cards to
To integrate new
make the sentence. (colour cards from unit 12)
language into
4. Working in pairs one child says a phrase and the other
previously learnt
child puts the cards together.
To apply
5. Show children 3 words with similar sounds in them:
chateau ; bateau ; seau. Display the word bateau
knowledge to
jumbled up and ask the children to rearrange the letters make
to spell the word.
6. Look pp slides 17 and 18. Explain to children how the
spelling of the adjective may change when describing a
female word. Using pp slide 17, ask the children to make
sentences. You may repeat activity using slide 18 which
has no colour coding.
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Resources required:
Ppoint 1 – Jo Rhys-Jones res 66.1
Flashcards res from pp
Mini flashcards res 66.2
Language Required:
Le chien-dog
Le bateau- boat
La petite fille-little
La dame- lady
Le garçon-boy
Le ciel-sky
La mer-sea
La plage- beach
La sable-sand
Follow on activities:
Find out about Edgar Degas
©MFL Sunderland 2010 RM http://www.sunderlandschools.org/mfl-sunderland