Network for Languages Summer term courses circular letter

This is a tst
Children’s Services Department
Standards and Schools Division
The Professional Centre
Franciscan Road
London SW17 8HE
To: MFL Teachers in Nursery, Primary ,
Secondary and Special Schools, and offsite units
Please ask for/reply to:
Network for Languages,
University of Westminster
Copy to: EMT, Section heads and team
Website contributor: Fingal Rathbone
Date: 2nd May 2013
Dear Colleague,
Please draw to the attention of MFL Teachers
Circular letter
reference number
and title
Purpose of this
circular letter
20130502CPGLDfr – Network for Languages Summer
term courses
To direct schools to the Network for Languages’ CPD offer
for primary and secondary language teachers:
Action required
Response by
For information and reference
No response required
Director of Children’s Services: Paul Robinson
Assistant Director of Children’s Services (Standards and Schools Division): John Johnson