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RPL Self-Assessment Checklist
BSBOHS201A – “Participate in OHS Processes”
The following checklist is designed to assist you in deciding whether you are able to meet the
evidence requirements for this course. If you answer “YES” to most or all of the following criteria,
then please proceed to reading both of the attached documents, the Skills Recognition Kit
Applicant Information and Assessor Guide and complete only the Applicant Information
Once you complete this document, you will then forward it to the Assessor for this course with the
completed RPL application form (which is also attached). The Assessor will decide then whether
you have met the requirements of the RPL.
If you have answered “NO” to all of the following criteria, then you must undertake the course. If
you have answered “NO” to some of the following criteria and are in doubt as to whether you feel
you would be able to receive an RPL, please contact the Course Co-ordinator and discuss this with
RPL Checklist for BSBOHS201A – “Participate in OHS Processes”
1. Do you have experience in/Have a good understanding of/Are you good at:
 Following all relevant safety work procedures and instructions
 Identifying and reporting hazards to the designated personnel
 Knowledge of relevant materials, equipment and work processes
 Following workplace procedures in an emergency
 Contributing to workplace meetings and inspections with regard to WHS
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