Conduct Outcomes-based Assessment self evaluation form

Accreditation Number ETDP9963
Thank you for indicating your interest in RPL for the following unit standard.
115753: Conduct Outcomes based assessment
NQF Level 5: Credits 15
This form must be completed, signed and sent through to us before your application for RPL
will be considered.
Recognition of Prior (RPL) learning is a process through which non-formal learning and
informal learning are assessed for recognition across different contexts and certificated
against the requirements for credit.
RPL assumes that you have the experience, knowledge, and skills and that you will be able to
demonstrate this experience, knowledge and skills. This self-evaluation is to help you ensure
that you embark on this process well prepared.
Please complete the self-evaluation, sign and return to Assessment College. You will not
qualify for RPL if you do not answer all the questions below.
Upon receipt of this completed application and self-evaluation, we will notify you within five
working days if you qualify for the RPL process or not.
Should you feel, after completing the self-evaluation that you no longer wish to apply for
RPL, please contact us for information relating to our training workshops.
Form ACF53
Rev. 01: 2014-09-30
Accreditation Number ETDP9963
PLEASE RETURN THIS COMPLETED FORM TO: [email protected] or 086 683 2520
Candidate name and surname
ID Number
Contact number
E-mail address
Assessment College evaluator (For office use only)
115753 - Assessor
Demonstrate your understanding of
outcomes-based education
1. Indicate the key differences between
Outcomes-based education and other forms of
assessment, including an outline of advantages
and disadvantages.
2. Explain RPL (Recognition of prior learning) in
terms of its purpose, processes and related
benefits and challenges.
3. List a variety of assessment methods – also
indicate which of these methods you prefer to
use when conducting assessments
Do you know how to prepare for
1. Provide examples of your preparation for an
assessment. Indicate how you considered
assessment resources, logistics, documentation,
safety of the assessment environment.
2. How did you notify your candidate(s) of the
assessment and how did you know that they
were ready for the assessment?
3. What actions will you take that are in line with
your policies where candidate(s) are not ready
for assessment?
4. How would you accommodate candidate(s)
with special needs?
5. Do you think modifications to the assessment
approach can be made without affecting the
validity of the assessment in cases of
considering special needs or possible barriers?
Conducting the Assessment
1. Do you have experience in conducting
assessments? Please explain.
Explain your answers
Explain your answers
Explain your answers
2. Assessment practices should be effective,
manageable, fair and safe, in line with quality
assurance requirements. Explain how you
accommodated these guidelines in your
assessment practices.
3. What do you consider as sufficient evidence?
4. Explain the methods of assessment used to
determine a candidate’s ability to:
 Problem solving
 Knowledge and understanding
 Practical and technical skills
 Attitudinal skills and values
5. Explain how the recording of assessments is
completed in your institution/company.
Providing Feedback
1. Explain how you would provide feedback to
your candidates after the assessment. A
feedback template, if applicable, can be
submitted as evidence.
2. Describe briefly what should be discussed
during a feedback session.
3. Do you obtain feedback on the assessment
process from your candidates?
Reviewing Assessments
1. Do you have experience in reviewing
2. If affirmative, explain what is being reviewed,
why are you reviewing your assessment, how
and when it is done.
Learner Signature:______________________
Explain your answers
Explain your answers
Date: _______________
Date received by Assessment College:_________ Application successful: Yes / No
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