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Interview Questions
MEA113B Supervise civil aircraft maintenance activities and manage
human resources in the workplace
Following is a list of questions that test the underpinning knowledge for this competency. These are
the types of questions you might be asked in the RPL process.
1. What are the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to the maintenance
of civil aircraft?
2. When planning maintenance for teams what sources of data do you utilise?
3. What methods do you use to prioritise workloads with consideration to mandatory and
optional maintenance tasks, along with necessary timeframes?
4. How do you ensure that required resources are obtained to facilitate planned maintenance
5. When allocating tasks to individuals what do you take into account and how do you
communicate their responsibilities within the team?
6. What methods do you use to determine if team members are authorised to use support
equipment and are observing OHS requirements?
7. How do you provide and tailor guidance to suite individual needs in relation to maintenance
and fault finding tasks?
8. What methods do you use to monitor the quality of work performed by team members to
ensure compliance with applicable documentation, policies and procedures?
9. How do you inspect all stages of work for serviceability and are prepared for certification on
applicable documents?
10. What methods have you used to identify and respond to human factors affecting
performance of individuals and teams?
11. How have you to minimise the possibility of maintenance errors by individuals or teams and
what factors could contribute to errors and team breakdown?
12. At the supervisory level how have you maintained sound employment relations?
13. How have you delivered on the job training and verified Workplace History Sheets?
MEA113B Supervise civil aircraft maintenance activities and manage human resources in the workplace
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