Year 8 Career Action Plan - Koorie (Word

My Career Action Plan (Year 8)
My Career Action Plan helps me focus on my goals and plans for the future. It will help me to work out
what I want to achieve and how I can go about realising these goals.
My plan helps me to think about any changes I may want to be successful.
I am ____________________________________________________________________
My family ___________________________________________________________________________
My community_______________________________________________________________________
Which subjects am l studying?
What extra activities am l involved in?
At School
Outside school
Page 1
My top 3 skills:
My 3 important values:
My best subject/s:
My favourite subject/s:
My 2 favourite leisure activities:
My proudest achievement:
Two important people to me are:
Where am I now?
Which did I achieve last year?
 HINT – Be positive. Give yourself a pat on
the back for achieving even parts of a goal or
for achievements that were not planned.
Have you developed decision-making skills?
What have I learnt about me?
 HINT – Be positive and in a few
words describe you e.g. confident.
You can ask a friend, family member
or teacher to help.
Page 2
My future plans
What are my new goals?
When would I want to achieve my goals?
HINT – Your goals can be career focused,
HINT – You may want to have short,
or include other aspects of your life that may
affect your career e.g. school or family. Make
sure you can tell if you have achieved your
medium and long-term goals. Set
realistic target dates. Make sure you
give enough time to change your mind.
What are the benefits of achieving my goals?
HINT – Consider such
things as future choices and
self development.
Who can help me with my goals?
HINT – Think strategically. Use
your family, community, friends,
teachers and networks you trust to
support you.
Page 3
My Review
Give 3 positive words that describe you: e.g. proud, loyal, happy.
Which goals have I achieved at this stage?
 HINT – Review your plan
regularly and as you reach your
goals, set new ones. Other people
can help you.
Date achieved
Which goals need further work?
Who can help me?
What extra goals do I want to achieve?
When do I what to achieve them?
List 2 work-related skills you are developing: e.g. reliability, planning, teamwork.
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