Government-Study Guide for President Test

Government-Study Guide for President Test
1. In case the President is disabled, what amendment determines how the Vice
President takes over?
2. What are the qualifications to become president?
3. What is the president’s yearly salary?
4. If an incumbent President is seeking reelection, who will his party likely
5. Whom are a state’s presidential electors chosen by?
6. What is the maximum number of years a person may serve as president?
7. What is the line of presidential succession? (First 4 positions)
8. What is the least number of presidential electors a state must have?
9. What is the Presidential Succession Act?
10. What is a formal duty assigned to the Vice President by the Constitution?
11. Name a flaw with the Electoral College system?
12. What is the major difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?
13. Once a president receives a bill from Congress, what are his options?
14. ________ appoints Cabinet members with __________ approval.
15. If a Republican candidate for president from the South is considered to be
unsupportive of women’s rights, what type of vice presidential candidate would
he choose to “balance the ticket”?
16. If the President is temporarily disabled, how may the Vice President take over?
17. What influences a presidential candidate’s choice for a Vice President?
18. What happens if the presidential vote in the Electoral College results in a tie?
19. Why are we unlikely to go to a direct popular election for the president?
20. What are some proposals for reforming the primary system?
21. Define: electorate, direct popular election, national bonus plan, proportional plan,
and district plan. (All from worksheet)