American Government Ch. 13 – Section 3 pp.365-367

American Government
Ch. 13 – Section 3
Presidential Selection:
The Framers’ Plan
3 Methods of presidential election discussed
by the Framers
1. Election by Congress
2. Popular vote
3. Electoral vote
How did the framers arrange for the electors
to choose the President and Vice
* They would meet in their states, each
casting votes for two different presidential
candidates. The person who won the
largest number of votes would be
President; the runner-up, Vice President
Why this method?
They did not want either congressional or
popular election of the President
What/who did the framers envision as an
* respectable, well informed citizens
Political parties and electoral college
* Parties nominated the presidential and
vice presidential candidates, but also
candidates for the electoral college –
electors had to vote for their parties’ ticket
Election 1800 & 12th Amendment
* Jefferson & Burr tied for the Dem-Rep.
party. 12th Amendment – made it so
electors had to designate which one you
wanted as President and which one you
wanted for V.P.
Presidential electors
- Today, pledged to vote for their parties’
Electoral college
- Framers wanted to ensure that
knowledgeable people elected the
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