Vice President and Succession

Vice President and
Identify the role of the VP
Analyze what happens if the president can no longer serve
Two Formal Duties
◦ Preside over the senate
◦ To help decide the question of presidential
disability (essentially the president-in-waiting)
What are the qualifications to be a VP?
“Balance the Ticket” – chosen to
strengthen the Presidential candidate.
◦ Ideological, geographic, racial, ethnic, gender,
religion, etc.
Vice President
If VP takes over, he/she picks a new VP. The
appointee must be approved by a majority
vote in Congress.
◦ 25th Amendment
Presidential Succession – president vacancy
filled after a president dies, resigns, or
removed after impeachment
 Presidential Line of Succession Act of 1947
 12 Amendment
Presidential Succession
Vice President
Speaker of the House*
President Pro Tempore*
Secretary of State
◦ 1st in Office
Order of Succession
Get with a partner of your choice
Each group will need a laptop and a
worksheet per person
Assignment due at the END of class
White House Explosion