Unit 6: Presidency Study Guide

Unit 6: Presidency Study Guide
Multiple Choice (40 questions, 2 points each)
Chapter 8, Section 1
1. Know compensation and the President’s salary
2. Know Constitutional Requirements for the President
3. Know Presidential succession and amendment it was
4. Know what body Vice President was over
5. Know how money plays a role in the Presidency
6. Know the most important duty of the President
7. Know what type of political philosophy most presidential candidates
8. Know who becomes President if the office of president and vicepresident are vacant at the same time
9. Know who is the Vice-President of the United States
10.Know Constitutional Responsibility of the Vice-President
Chapter 9, Section 1
11.Know State of Union and its purpose
12.Know definition of Mandate
13.Know Congressional Override
14.Know Impeachment (Congress)
15.Know definition of Forum
16.Know the three informal sources of presidential power
17.Know Article of Constitution dealing with President
18.Know Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase
19.Know Nixon and the War Powers Act
Chapter 9, Section 2
20.Know Commander in Chief
21.Know Head of Executive Branch (Chief Executive)
22.Know Head of State
23.Know Judicial Power of President
24.Know Chief Legislator
25.Know Chief Executive
26.Know Economic Planner
27.Know Chief Diplomat
28.Know how to declare war in America
29.Know Executive Privilege
30.Know Executive orders
31.Know Amnesty
32.Know Executive agreement
33.Know Impoundment
34.Know Patronage
35.Know Treaty
36.President is elected by this body
37.Know what President died to allow Harry Truman to take office
38.Know first woman nominated for a major party office
1. Who was president for one day in the mid 1800’s?
2. What President helped to start the current phrase “OK?”
Short Answer Questions (30 points)
1. Chapter 9, Section 3 talks about 6 Presidential Leadership
Qualities/Skills that make an effective President. List and explain 3 of
those qualities/skills. Explain why you choose your answer.