PE-II & III Test Checklist:

PE-II & III Test Checklist:
Study the following from PE-I:
______ Review the spelling of your numbers (to use with time and writing the date)
______ Telling time – the 2 ways to respond, words to use when adding or subtracting minutes,
and how to say quarter past, half past, and quarter till
Study the following from PE-II:
______ Classroom Objects section
______ How to answer a “cuántos/as” question (see your guided practice notes)
______ General date/calendar vocab
______ Know how to SPELL the days of the week and the months
______ Know how to write a date in Spanish using the basic complete sentence formula
(Es el ___ de ____)
______ Do you know how to write a date if it’s the first of the month?
______ Memorize the 2 acronyms that will help you determine if a noun is masculine or
feminine (see your guided practice notes) – you will be plugging in the correct article
______ Review the 4 exception words from the PE chapter
Study the following for PE-III:
______ Know how to SPELL the weather terms and what season they would make sense in
______ Know the seasons
______ Know how to SPELL all of the body parts INCLUDING the article that goes with it
______ Review your color song