Word Study Homework

Word Study Homework
(Ideas for practicing at home with help from parents or siblings!)
1. Write a sentence for each word on your list.
2. Look up each of your words in the dictionary and write the
3. Write an opposite (antonym) for each word, if possible.
4. Write another word that means the same thing (synonym), if
5. Add endings such as: s, es, er, ed, est, ing, and see if you can
create new words.
6. Write a story using all of your words.
7. Make a word find using all of your words.
8. Write a poem using as many of your words as possible.
9. Alphabetize the words.
10. Write a letter to someone using your spelling words in it.
11. Draw a picture or illustration for each word and label the
12. Write each word three times each.
13. Spell each word with a partner.
14. Create a code and spell each word with your new code.