Module 1 Text Set #1 Work

Business Technology 11: Business Communication Unit 1: Set #1
Identify and explain four ways that writing for business communications is different than
typically academic (for school) writing. THINK.
2. According to Dr. Henry Mintzbergt what are managers three basic jobs?
3. Who are the internal audiences for business communication?
4. Who are the external audiences for business communication?
Technology Awareness Alert!!
5. In today’s world where many communications are done electronically what are some
dangers we have to be aware of when communicating? (Think about unintended audiences)
Give three possible ways for reasons that your communication could end up in the hands of
an unintended audience. THINK. 
6. Why does the text saying being connected to the ‘grapevine’ and networking with others
are important to your career?
Time Out: One of White’s stories….
So my friend, Adam, is a sales rep for BathFitter. They redesign and renovate bathrooms. I
am part of his network because we met 5 years ago when I lived in downtown Halifax. We
met when he came out to yell at me about parking my Jeep on his side of the parking lot.
Being substantially larger than my 5 foot 4 inch friend, he decided against this tactic and
asked who I was. I was his neighbor. And since he was friendly, the guy who helped him
renovate 3 apartments for the price of a slice of pizza now and again. Adam has now met
my entire family, who are fairly well known in the Liverpool area because my parents have
ran a small business for 25 years. As a teacher, I am fairly well known too because I have
taught over 400 different students in the area in the last five years… White did you have a
point? Yes, I did. When Adam comes to potential buyers in my area he makes sure to name
drop other customers in the area, but also name drops my father and I because he knows
that customers are more likely to buy from someone they know, or someone that knows
people they know. Does it work? Well one of the cashier’s at my bank (and my dad’s) said
they met a young man from BathFitter, Adam, that knew me and dad, they bought a unit.
7. Identify five different reasons you could have for communicating in the business world.
(Reasons why, or purposes you would be serving for writing). THINK.
8. In July of 2000 how many emails did the average office worker get at work? If they took just
five minutes to respond to each of these, how long did they spend on email that day? If
they were paid $32.45 an hour how much did it cost their employer to have them respond
to email in one day?
9. Explain what it means when someone says a ‘document cycles’ in an organization.
10. Identify three problems that can be created by poor writing.
11. Identify and briefly describe the give criteria of an effective message.
12. What does the acronym PAIBOC stand for? (What does each letter mean?) Please read
over pg 15-16. Don’t glance at it. READ IT. We will be working with this in the future in