Name: Block: Chapter 4 “The Morning” (81

Chapter 4 “The Morning” (81-108)
1) Describe the mood of the morning and the people of the town (81-86).
2) Why does Caleb Harrington wait until this moment to tell his story? What important thing
was he trying to do?
3) How has the relationship between Adam and his father changed? What is the outward
sign of this change?
4) What are the feelings of the boys, including Adam, who have joined the muster?
5) In detail, describe Howard Fast’s use of sound on page 96. What does this do for the
narrative of the story?
6) Who found Adam? Describe his mental condition.
7) Who do you believe was the bravest Cooper that morning: Adam, Granny, or Moses?
Give at least three reasons for your choice.
8) How has Adam “grown up” in this chapter?