Summary of the Tour of Toyota's Cambridge Plant

Summary of the Tour of Toyota’s Cambridge Plant
Date: April 10, 2007
Location: Cambridge, ON
Participants: 41
The Chapter chartered a school bus from Attridge Transportation Inc. to transport
the engineers from the Sheridan Centre in Mississauga to the Toyota Plant in
Cambridge. The bus departed the Sheridan Centre at 12:56 PM and arrived at
the Toyota Plant at 2:00 PM.
The tour began at 2:15 PM with a short film about the history and operation of the
Toyota’s Cambridge plant. Then the participants walked over to carts towed by a
tow-motor for the tour of plant. Each tow-motor had a drive and a guide who
narrated about the different operations that take place at the Toyota plant. The
participants saw: the body stamping operations; welding operations; painting
operations; assembling operations and quality assurance operations. This plant
manufactures the Corolla, the Matrix and the Lexus RX350.
There were 48 people signed up for this tour but there were two last minute
cancellations and five no shows. Everybody who came, enjoyed themselves.
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