Design and Access Statement for demolition and rebuilding of

Design and Access Statement for demolition and rebuilding of existing kennels and
single storey extension at
Tailwaggers Dogotel and Cattery
18 Haslingden Old Road
BB1 2DY.
The general site is an established business and comprises various detached buildings involved
in the kennels and cattery business and the application site building is a rudimentary timber /
concrete blockwork structure with a felt covered roof incorporating 15 kennels & runs. On the
opposite side of the ‘yard’ is a modern kennel building incorporating 18 kennels and runs. The
remaining buildings comprise further kennels, the cattery and office.
It is proposed to demolish the existing timber / blockwork structure and construct a new
single storey building identical to the existing building on the opposite side of the yard
incorporating 18 individual kennels and runs. In addition a single storey ‘dog wash’ extension
linking the new kennels to the existing office is proposed.
The existing kennel building has a footprint of 22.50 x 6.90 metres and a ridge height of 3.50
metres giving a volume of approximately 400m3.
The proposed kennel element will have a footprint of 24.04 x 8.04 metres and the dog-wash
element will have a footprint of 4.90 x 2.50 metres both with a maximum ridge height of 4.30
metres with a volume of approximately 620m3.
This is an increase in volume of 55%.
The existing building is of a rudimentary construction and not really suitable for modern
welfare standards for the kennelled dogs. The building is essentially a timber shed with no
insulation properties and is a drain on resources requiring constant repairs and maintenance.
In order to attract clientele the premises need to offer a high standard of comfort and facilities
for their pets.
The proposed building will be constructed to match the adjacent structure with render finished
blockwork walls and concrete tiled pitched roof. The new building will improve the visual
amenity of the area.
There are no access issues with the proposal.
There are no landscaping issues with the proposal.