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Brandon Computer Science

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CGS 1107 / CAP 8000

Introduction To Computers

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ISBN: 9780077461287

Important Dates –Fall 2011

August 29 th – October 2nd

Session begins

Drop Date (tuition refunded)

August 29th, Monday

August 31st, Wednesday

Withdrawal date (no tuition refunded)

Last day to add an independent study class

September 19th, Monday

August 29th, Monday

No late assignments are accepted.

August 31st, Wednesday

** Students that have taken a self paced class on the Brandon campus before may turn in their work without participating in the conference call if they wish.

However, they must email the instructor to make arrangements.

Otherwise they will be dropped from the class.

Assignment 1 due **You must complete one of the conferences calls provided before you will be able to turn in your work.

Failure to complete the conference call and turn in your work by the close of the lab on this date will result in the student being withdrawn from the class for non-attendance. Thus, resulting in the loss of any tuition paid for the class!

September 7th, Wednesday

September 14th, Wednesday

September 21st, Wednesday

September 28

September 28 th th

, Wednesday

, Wednesday –

October 2nd, Sunday


Assignment 2 due

Assignment 3 due

Assignment 4 due & Sign up to take exam!

Assignment 5 due

Exams May Be Taken Earlier if all assignments have been turned in.

Final exam week (Does not apply to

Continuing Education classes)

Intro to Computers General Instructions

Check the self-paced web page

periodically for any class information/updates.

Check your folder periodically for any correspondence. Questions? Email me at [email protected]

You should be familiar with Windows. This knowledge will enable you to progress more smoothly through the assignments.

Read and do each lesson carefully and follow along on the computer completing all steps.

Your work will be graded by the instructor and calculated with the 5 Points per assignment, therefore, the grade that you see inside the SIMNET system will not be exactly correct. All of the assignments are graded on a scale of 0-5 and are

40% of your grade.

You will receive a sheet inside your folder each week with the accurate calculation of your lessons online. Please check your folder regularly!

Once all of your lesson are complete and calculated you may proceed to taking your exam.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

1. Define the basic hardware components of a personal computer

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the main categories of software by completing a variety of hands-on, cross-curricular projects

3. Explain how technology is affecting our personal lives

4. Explain how technology is affecting the workplace

5. Explain what software piracy is and why it is illegal

6. Identify the relationship between computer databases and personal privacy

7. Discuss computer related environmental issues and health-related concerns

8. Define cyberspace

9. Discuss societal and personal implications resulting from the fusion of communications and computers

10. Explain what the Internet and WWW are and the benefits they bring

CGS1107/CAP8000 – Assignment 1

Introduction to Computers

Lesson 1 – Week 1

Complete Lesson 1 – Week 1 of your class on the SIMNET system at:

You must have a SIMNET access code to enter the system and do your work. If you do not have this you may purchase it from the Brandon campus bookstore or online at:

CGS1107/CAP8000 – Assignment 2

Introduction to Computers

Lesson 2 – Week 2

Complete Lesson 2 – Week 2 of your class on the SIMNET system at:

CGS1107/CAP8000 – Assignment 3

Introduction to Computers

Lesson 3 – Week 3

Complete Lesson 3 – Week 3 of your class on the SIMNET system at:

CGS1107/CAP8000 – Assignment 4

Introduction to Computers

Lesson 4 – Week 4

Complete Lesson 4 – Week 4 of your class on the SIMNET system at:

CGS1107/CAP8000 – Assignment 5

Introduction to Computers

Lesson 5 – Week 5

Complete Lesson 5 – Week 5 of your class on the SIMNET system at: