Minor Proj Vocab

Lesson: How Myths Have Influenced Our Language
Unit: Mythology—Stories of Gods, Heroes, and Lovers Influencing European Thought
Mythology's influence is evident in our language. It is hard to imagine reading or writing
without drawing upon myth-oriented words or expressions.
Minor Project Requirements
1. Research two words derived from Greek mythology or culture. Learn their origin,
what they now mean, and how these meanings are based on their origin in Greek
myths or broader culture (language, science, religion, etc.).
2. In our flashcard site (http://www.flashcardmachine.com/my-flashcards/advancededitor.cgi?topic_id=1635866 ),1 create two very clear electronic vocabulary flash
cards like the one illustrated below using as much info as the character limits
allow (be specific and, if possible, concrete).
3. Orally present to your class information about the two words or phrases you
4. Study and do well on the end-of-unit vocabulary test
Name word/expression. Describe its origins in Greek myth or culture (etymology).
Use sentences.
Mnemonic: create a logo or symbol to help you remember. Add a visual reminder of
the word—a picture, photo, word art, etc.
Front of card
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Definition: tell part of speech; state meanings. Use the format found in dictionaries.
Link: name two synonyms and two antonyms. List these. Here’s a good source:
Sentence: show you understand how to use the word. DO NOT RESTATE the
Flip side of card
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