Any Old Bag Will Do -- Introduction Speech

Any Old Bag Will Do -- Introduction Speech
Topics: Introduce yourself to the class revealing a significant object/symbol from your
past, present, and future (three objects—one from each time). Explain the significance of
each object with anecdotes, examples, reasons, etc. In addition, bring the objects in a bag
that likewise reflects you. For example, bring them in a sport bag, name brand bag,
decorated bag, or gift bag. Include the significance of the bag in your speech, perhaps in the
Time: 2-4 minutes. You are allowed a grace period of 15 seconds at either end.
Process for Preparing the Speech:
1. Brainstorm on paper objects/symbols to represent yourself. Write notes by each
about possible ideas to discuss.
2. Choose the three most interest-creating and revealing objects/symbols. Again be
sure that one each represents your past, present, and future.
3. Determine the order for presentation of these. The order should be chronological
from either past to future or then future to past.
4. Write an outline. The introduction and conclusion should be indicated on your
outline by Roman numerals. Do not include any unrelated ideas (unity).
5. Find a quotation (if you do not already have one in mind) to incorporate into the
a. It should be some pithy saying which makes a state about the human
existence that is meaningful to you.
b. You will need to include the origin (author) and why you choose it.
c. Incorporate it into your introduction or conclusion.
6. Write an introduction. These first few sentences should first gain the reader’s
attention about the topic (you) and then indentify the purpose of the speech (the
thesis or controlling purpose).
7. Write a conclusion. The last few sentences should offer a memorable sense of
summary and/or closure.
8. Review and proofread.
9. Practice delivering your speech multiple times planning for transitions and unity of
 Because the topic is so familiar to you, you should have no notes (except the
quotation, which you may have written on a card or slip of paper).
 Use innovative items that will give the audience insight into the your interests,
hobbies, jobs, goals, and/or concerns.
Due Dates:
 Brainstorming and rough draft outline:
 Final copy outline on paper and delivery cards: on the day of your assigned delivery
 Speeches will begin:
Try to be CREATIVE! This should be a fun way to start your speaking experiences.