Any Old Bag Speech

Any Old Bag Speech
1. Purpose  The speech will disclose information about you and reinforce the structure of a speech, the
correct amount of eye contact and proper stance.
2. Standards  Speaking and Listening
Peer Evaluations, Your Speech
 Writing
Outline, Works Cited
3. Length  Your speech should be between 3 to 4 minutes long.
 2-5 minutes is your time frame, anything under 2 minutes cannot receive better than a D and
you will be asked to give your speech again. This does not assure if you go over 2 minutes,
that you will do better than a D. You must practice, practice, practice!
4. Preparation  Fill “any old bag” with at least five but no more than seven items. The bag and each item
chosen should symbolize something about your life. The items need to cover the past, the
present and the future. The bag should also symbolize you in some way. Explain how each
item in the bag (as well as the bag) exemplifies your life. The use of metaphors is encouraged—these tend to be more creative.
 Look for innovative items based upon your interests, hobbies, job, goals, or concerns.
 Some items are too small to be seen (driver’s license, small photos, matchbox cars, etc) and
other items are too common (textbooks, notebooks, and class schedules).
 The objects themselves might be ordinary, but they can be made significant and interesting
through examples, experiences and opinions.
 Practice handling the items and decide when to show them during the presentation. Focus
on not talking to the items but to the audience. Practice what you are going to say about
each item.
4. Speech  You will use an outline for this speech.
 You must use the proper outline formatting and levels
 Use a creative attention getter
 Consistently use eye contact with the audience.
A large band-aid (as a child, always
wanted attention)
A campus map (lost on campus
and in life)
A sling (sports medicine doctor)
A mason jar filled with farm dirt
(hard work)
A troll doll with hair standing up
(stressed out)
A favorite toy or blanket from the past
that you took with you everywhere
(want for security)
A stuffed cow (bull-headed)
Assortment of food wrappers
(constantly on the go)
Stack of legal pads (want to be an author)
Bread crusts wrapped in saran wrap
(hand-me-downs and leftovers)
Glasses (to see where life will take Magnifying glass (want to work in
forensic science)