Johari & Bag

Johari Window - Assignment
Fill out a Johari window. Ask friends, relatives, co-workers, employees and/or employers to fill in the
BLIND part of the window about you. Compare that person’s answers with your own answers and
answer the following question: What did you learn about yourself from this activity?
Known to self
Unknown to self
To inform the class about yourself in a creative and interesting way . The exercise asks you to
identify significant components and qualities of your self-concept by translating them into symbols you
can share with others.
1) Use a paper bag (the size is up to you – but should not be a tiny gift bag) that you can paste,
tape, staple, or glue items onto in order to represent aspects of your self-concept.
2) On the outside of the bag, visually demonstrate your social self – the part of you that interacts
with others – such as your personality, likes, dislikes, talents, and social roles. Since the bag
has several sides, you might use each side to show different social selves in your various
relationships. For example, you could illustrate aspects of the self you show to your family on
one side, your employer (if you’re employed) on another, your close friends on a third, etc.
Consider asking family and friends to help brainstorm descriptions about you for your bag.
3) The inside of the bag represents your spiritual self, consisting of your internal thoughts, your
values, morals, beliefs, and how you feel about yourself. This can include private and personal
aspects about you. Two or three symbols representing your spiritual or inner self may be
placed inside the bag.
4) Be creative using any items/artifacts to represent your unique qualities: writings, drawings,
photos, headlines, small objects, etc. For example, a rubber band may indicate that you are
flexible; an orange may mean you are sweet, but can be bitter; a heart shaped pillow inside
your bag might express your deep belief in loving others.
5) If discussed in class, place a gender artifact on bag and describe how it demonstrates the way
society thinks men and/or women should be.
6) Be prepared to share your bag with the class. Select and share only those things you feel
comfortable explaining to this class. There will be no negative evaluations of your selfconcept!
Your grade depends on the following components:
*Timing (3 – 4 minutes)