SAP Consulting Services Appendix

Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling
3 days
Project team members responsible for creating and optimizing detailed
Target Audience production plans in a short term horizon
 AP010 – SAP APO Overview
 AP205 - Integration Master Data
 LO050 - Planning and Execution for Discrete and Repetitive
Manufacturing or LO060 (Process Manufacturing) or alternative
knowledge in the R/3 modules PP or PP-PI
 AP215 – Supply Network Planning
Course Goals
Gain a fundamental understanding how to create detailed production
plans for the short term horizon
Course Content
SAP Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order planning strategies for the
consumption of planned independent requirements with sales orders
Creation of production plans based on requirements and performing
detailed capacity planning and material planning simultaneously
(planning run, automatic planning, heuristics)
Consideration of component availability when creating orders (manual
planning with check)
Scheduling parameters for finite/infinitely dispatching of orders
(Selection of alternative resources, planning direction, consideration
of order-internal relationships)
Product planning table (periodic handling of the production and
procurement plan)
Considering the effect of various constraints during planning
Dynamic alerts based on pegging relationships between orders
Simulative and operative planning in different planning versions
Interactive Planning of the order sequence in the Planning Table and
configuration of the Planning Table
Optimization of setup times, setup costs, total lead times, delays and
costs of alternative resources
Transfer of Supply Network Planning orders to PP/DS-orders for short
term planning (Interaction Supply Network Planning – PP/DS)
Integration to order related production in R/3 and periodic & quantity
orientated production (Repetitive Manufacturing) in R/3