Workshop: Equipment June 29, 2006

June 29, 2006
Project Goals
Implement SAP Plant Maintenance system
Provide integration with Finance, HR, and Materials
Allow enhanced scheduling and planning for work assignments
Provide work scheduling as well as management reporting tools
Accommodate the use of mobile technology to reduce paperwork
Accommodate the use of GIS with SAP
 Improve automated updates to customers about the status of work
 Implement a Preventive Maintenance system for buildings, areas, and
 Utilize standard SAP functionality to collect utility usage and cost
information for recharge calculations
Discussion of the Equipment Master
Other Discussion
What is SAP Equipment?
 A piece of equipment is an individual object that is to be
maintained independently. Each piece of equipment is managed
independently in the system, so that you can:
 Manage individual data from a maintenance perspective for
the object
 Perform individual maintenance tasks for the object
 Keep a record of the maintenance tasks performed for the
 Collect and evaluate data over a long period of time for the
 Pieces of equipment can be installed and dismantled at
functional locations. The usage times for a piece of equipment
at a functional location are documented over the course of time.
What is SAP Equipment?
 Recommendation: Create an equipment master record for a technical
object if:
 Individual data is to be managed for the object (for example, year of
construction, warranty period, usage sites)
Maintenance tasks are to be performed for the object, either
regular, planned or resulting from damage
 A record of the maintenance tasks performed for the object must be
kept (for example, for insurance or compulsory annual inspection
Technical data on the object is to be collected and evaluated over a
long period of time
 The costs of maintenance tasks are to be monitored for the object
 Records of usage times at functional locations are required for the
SAP Equipment Screens
SAP Equipment Screens
SAP Equipment Screens
What is Classification?
Fields can be added to Equipment via Classification
Each Class has one or more Characteristics
An Equipment Master may belong to None, One, or Many Classes
Characteristics may be ADDED to a class at any time. The added
characteristics will be available to all objects in that class.
A Few Other Notes on Equipment
An “Authorization” group may be established for equipment which
will only allow certain groups of people to change certain equipment.
Fire Alarms may be modeled as equipment. This will allow reporting
of Out of Service and In Service for each fire alarm.
Equipment is not required to be installed at a functional location. An
example of this could be vehicles.
Topics For Next Blueprinting Session
No Blueprinting Sessions are
Thank you for your hard work
and thoughtful input.
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