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Friends of Mayer Meeting
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
In Attendance:
Janan Asfour
Brad Bane
Barbara Baldini
Wendy Choslovsky
Carolyn Gilbert
Susan Goren
Stephanie Hurt
Susan Hawkins
Debbie Hilander
Anastasia Hinchsliff
Michelle Hoersch
Katie Konieczny
Sarah Liebman
Shannon Mahoney
Liz Olson
Brandy Rinehart
Maureen Riordan
Lisa Schwartz
Jeffrey Shapack
Alice Singer
Amy Sprenger
Pam Stennes
Leah Talmers
Rebecca Tirado
Amy Zemnick
Finance update - Maureen Riordan
 Not much spending activity in January: office supplies and field trip bus
 Monies received
o $8,500 pledge drive
o Box tops
o Book Fair – all the books were purchased and given to the
teachers. Remaining amount on the gift card given to Librarian
Lindsay Knorps to use for the Library
Box Tops Update – Susan Hawkins
 $1,010 earned to date, far exceeding expectations
Walkathon – Alice Singer
 Brochures for corporate sponsorship are ready, available in school office
 Sponsors already secured - Gatorade, DMC
 Jeff Shapack reported a potential for Lululemon to align themselves with
our school in some way. He will talk to Katie about it
 Starbucks will send employee volunteers, and they pay us for their
volunteers’ time.
Website Update / Facebook – Sarah Liebman
 Making updates to FOM site, moving along, created a facebook group for
FOM, sent invites to all board members to test it out, adopting similar
guidelines as the yahoo FOM group.
 Principal Konieczny concerned with monitoring of posting; further review
of settings and procedures to occur.
 Facebook presents one more way to reach a wider audience, same info
we get via the FOM yahoo blasts but so many people are on facebook on
a daily basis, may be more apt to read it.
 Creating a monthly schedule when minutes will be uploaded, one week
after meeting.
Friends of Mayer – Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2010
Friends of Mayer Board - Election Process – Brad Bane
 Board is elected by the Oscar Mayer community. Members serve one
year term. Commitment of board members:
o be involved in school initiatives
o attend monthly meetings
o fundraising allocation of discretionary funds at the group’s disposal
 No restrictions on who is eligible – parents, Mayer staff, community,
current board members – anyone who is willing to volunteer and be active
 By-laws were modified to allow for a minimum of 11 board members,
maximum 21 board members
o We will not add members during the year to reach 21, only adding if
the number drops below 11
o If fewer than 11 members and someone wishes to join the board,
that decision is made by the board, by-laws are not specific
 Election will take place on April 28 at Friends of Mayer meeting
o Candidate permitted to give a 2-3 min speech, why they want to
serve, Q&A, everyone present is able to vote. No absentee ballot.
 Term of office July 1 - June 30
 Once board is elected, positions are required to be filled, the board
organizes themselves to elect these positions
 If interested in running, send an email to no
later than March 25, 2010.
 For more info on how it works, contact FOM President Brad Bane or any
board member, visit the Friends of Mayer website for more information
under ‘policies and procedures’
All other business – Brad Bane
 LSC Elections taking place this year on report card pick up day April 22 at
the school. Reps serve a 2 year period. Candidates can highlight
themselves at a forum on March 23 @ 6:00pm
 Scholastic Bookfair April 19-23, Ms. Knorps on the agenda for the March
FOM Meeting to give us more details
 Working on plans for an Oscar Mayer social gathering, willing to plan and
host at Webster Wine Bar (Janan Asfour) or The Hideout (Anastasia
Hinchsliff). Details to follow.
 Next Friends of Mayer Meeting - March 24 @ 6:00pm
Friends of Mayer – Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2010