Buddhism Tick Sheet E2a

Ethics 2 End of Unit Evaluation
Topic 2 Religion, peace and Justice
Focus for Learning:
End of Unit Test result:
KEY CONCEPTS: Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara - helping other beings
Capital Punishment - legalised killing of criminals
Justice: Fair or just treatment
pacifist: someone who believes war is always wrong
social Justice: the concern that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their
Your Understanding
Idea of pacifism in Buddhism:
1st Precept and Ahimsa
Responses to Crime and
The Purpose of punishment
Kamma consequences of immoral
actions - implications for rebirth
Types of criminal justice
Buddhists do not believe in
inhumane treatment.
They believe in Reform: Story of
Helpful Deer
No to Capital Punishment (Still used
in some Buddhist countries (E.G.
Belief into action:
Helping prisoners with their anger
(refer to newspaper article about the
different whole - lifers.)
Example of Buddhist monk at the
London Vihara helping prisoners at
Wandsworth Jail.
- the first precept, helping others
- Metta (Hungry Tigress)
Compassion and understanding go
together in mahayana tradition
Can generate good kamma
Link between Kamma and your
situation in this life
Responses to Social Justice
Dharma of the 8 fold path to develop
compassion, loving kindness,
generosity and forgiveness
Belief into Action:
Buddhism is a rejection of the Hindu
Caste System. They believe in the
equality of all human beings.
Buddhism opposes unfair treatment
as it causes Dukkha for the victim
and the perpetrator.
Use examples of Tibet - response of
Dalai Lama.
Protests about olympics in Beijing
Protests in Burma
Non-violent protest
Sacrificing themselves as protest.
Environmental Protest: Ajahn
Pongsak in Thailand
Violence and Pacifism
Martial Arts as a meditative technique:
The Shaolin Monks
Japanese Buddhism
Skillful Means (upaya)
Enlightenment can be achieved by
using unconventional Buddhist
Eg Buddhism reaches Japan
Buddhist Teaching on Peace Chart
Attitudes to War:
Blog on Iraq War
Responses of Buddhism and Buddhists
The Example of Asoka in India
The Example from the Tibetan Army
in 1950s invasion by China.
Your Understanding