revival of buddhism in india

India is the first country; they should make the centre of their effort. No
other country will yield so much as India will.
The reason is clear; India is a birth place of Buddhism. It flourished India
from 543 BC-1400 AD i.e. near about 2000 yrs. Although the Buddhist
religion has vanished the name of the Buddha is still held in great
veneration & the memory of his religion is still green. In India Buddhism
may be a withered plant, but no one can say that it is dead at the root. He is
regarded by the Hindus as Avatar of Vishnu. In India we do not have to
restore veneration for a new prophet as Neburchnerar had to do for his God
among the Jews. All that we have to do is to bring back his religion. Such
easy condition for a fruitful effort cannot be found in any other country. In
them there are well and long established religions & Buddhism would be
regarded as an intruder without a passport. So for India is concerned the
Buddha needs no passport nor does he require any Visa.
In proposed Research paper 1deals primary condition for Revival of
Buddhism in India I have deals primary condition in details in my Research
paper that mention below.
1) The preparation of Buddhist Gospel.
2) The introduction of a ceremony like Baptism.
3) The appointment of number of lay preachers.
4) The establishment of a Buddhist religions seminary.
5) The introduction of congregational worship in the vihara every Sunday
followed by a sermon.
Above primary steps which is not sufficient to revival of Buddhism. But
some other things that require to be done as help to propagation our
campaign. In this connection I make the following condition.
Building big Vihras in the important cities like Nagpur, Mumbai, Madras
& Delhi and in rural areas. Establishment of some highschools & colleges in
major cities like Ngpur, Madras Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta & In major Rural
communities inviting the essays of Buddhist topics & giving the prize to the
first four enough in values so as to attract people to make their best efforts to
study Buddhist literature. The essays compitions should be open to all
Indian people this is the best way of making Indian people interested in the
study of Buddhism.
Buddhist seminary would be started in major Indian towns like Madras,
Delhi & Nagpur. The main aim of such institution would be to train
preaches (Bhikhūs) for spreading the Buddhism among the common folk
and student would be admitted to the seminary without considering of any
caste, nationality & would undergo courses in comparative study or
religions & other concerned subject.
A large library with books on religion & philosophy would be another
feature of the seminary. There would be classroom & dormitories for
Students, Teachers & Research scholars.
In this connection, final conclusion of my Research paper that, the
enlightened Indian masses are sure to turn to Buddhism.