Major World Religions Test Review
Know the vocabulary terms from:
Ch 3-2
Ch 3-4
Ch 6-3
Ch 10-1
Ch 10-2
FOCUS ON…………..
Outline notes
Venn Diagrams
Reading Study Guide (paragraphs)
Power Points on the blog
Monotheism Chart & pg. 296
1. What is the difference between monotheism and polytheism?
2. Know the similarities/differences between Hinduism and Buddhism.
3. How did Buddhism spread across Asia?
4. What is the first covenant between God and the Jewish people?
5. Who built the temple in Jerusalem that was later destroyed?
6. Why did Roman rulers oppose Christianity?
7. What is the main source of information about the life of Jesus?
8. What do Muslims believe about Muhammad and his prophecy?
9. How did leadership issues divide Islam after Muhammad’s death?