Global Studies East Asia Unit Buddhism Assignment

Global Studies
East Asia Unit
Buddhism Assignment
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Buddhism Research
Directions: Using the Internet, textbooks or any other resource, search for each of the
items below. Briefly explain the significance to Buddhism or the story in your own
words and add an image for each of the following. Students can open in paper port and
complete the assignments with images.
Topics to research and also present on your study guide with images:
1. Birth of the Buddha and Queen Maya (story about his birth & miracles that
2. White Elephant (symbol & involvement in the story of Queen Maya)
3. Lotus Flower (What does it symbolize in Buddhism)
4. Mandala (What is a Mandala, what does it symbolize)
5. Eight-Fold Path (What is it designed to teach Buddhist?)
6. Four Nobel Truths
7. Stupa & Buddhist temple
8. What is a Bodhisattva? Find an image of the Bodhisattva called Avalokiteshvara.
9. Pray Wheel and or Pray Flags (What is the purpose of flags and wheel?)