American Studies 336

American Studies 336
Progressives – Part Two
Theodore Roosevelt
2. Square Deal
3. Upton Sinclair
4. conservation
6. William Howard Taft
7. Payne-Aldrich Tariff
8. Bull Moose Party
9. Woodrow Wilson
10. Clayton Anti-Trust Act
11. Federal Trade Commission
12. Federal Reserve System
13. 19th Amendment
What scandalous practices did Upton Sinclair expose in his novel The Jungle?
How did the American public, Roosevelt, and Congress respond?
2. What precedent did Roosevelt set when he helped mediate the 1902 coal strike?
3. As a progressive, how did Taft compare with Roosevelt?
4. How did Wilson compare with Taft and Roosevelt as a progressive?
5. How could Wilson claim a mandate to broaden the government’s role in social
reform, based on the popular vote in the 1912 election?
6. How did the Clayton Anti-Trust Act benefit labor?
7. Cite two pieces of social reform legislation that Wilson opposed and cite his
reason for opposition.