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Unit 2 Review – CH. 18
1. Explain the four goals of progressives.
Government should be more accountable to citizens
Government should curb the power of the wealthy
Government should be given more powers to help the needy
Government should be less corrupt
2. What groups did Progressives want to help? (615)
The URBAN poor & city workers
3. What does the Socialist system promote? (617)
Greater government control of business so that income is distributed more equally
Government control of resources for the betterment of the people
4. What is an injunction?
A court order to stop something. In this case courts stopped workers from going on
strike because they believed it harmed the nation or federal business.
5. In what areas did reformer Florence Kelly direct her efforts?
Labor laws – end child labor, support unions, higher wages
6. What did the Triangle Shirtwaist factory incident show the need for?
Shows the need for workplace reform – better working conditions, safety measures,
and health/safety codes – city needs to protect workers
7. What did social welfare programs do?
They ensure a minimum standard of living – programs designed to help the poor
8. Describe the main goal of municipal reformers in the early 1900s. (622 – 623)
To oppose the influence of political machines
To control city utilities
Wanted Playgrounds, Kindergartens for schooling young children, Homeless shelters
9. Explain the difference between initiative and recall.
Recall – citizens can remove an official from power
Initiative – citizens can propose laws
10. Describe the purpose of the Clayton Anti-Trust Act.
Strengthens the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (trust = illegal)
Outlaws specific practices that big business uses to crush competition
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11. What incident in Taft’s presidency angered the Progressive Republicans the most?
The Ballinger-Pinchot Affair: Taft hires non-conservationist to Secretary of Interior
High Tariffs (Payne-Aldrich)
12. What Progressive behavior of Theodore Roosevelt did President Taft continue?
13. Describe the platform of the Bull Moose party and name their leader.
Led by Theodore Roosevelt. They want 8-hour workday, women’s suffrage, end to
child labor
14. What slowed down progressivism in the early 1900s?
World War I
15. Name the 3 progressive Presidents.
Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson
16. Name 2 anti-suffrage arguments. (635)
Women don’t want to vote
They would become too masculine
17. How did WWI help with support for suffrage?
Helped gain support for Women’s suffrage because women showed hard work
ethic/intelligence in WWI jobs.
18. Why did Alice Paul split from NAWSA? (638)
She wanted a bolder, more aggressive strategy asking for a constitutional
amendment; created the Congressional Union (CU)
19. Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
19th Amendment
20. Who was the later leader of NAWSA that led them to victory?
Carrie Chapman Catt