Norton Smartwork Instructions Norton Smartwork is the online

Norton Smartwork Instructions
Norton Smartwork is the online learning tool that accompanies our textbook.
Completing Norton Smartwork assignments is a requirement of this course.
Purchasing access and enrolling
To complete our homework assignments, you’ll need Norton Smartwork access.
There are three ways to get access:
o Buy a new book—All new copies of our textbook include an access code.
Use your access code and our course enrollment key to register at
o Buy access from the Norton website—After purchasing access at, sign in at, click on the link in
the confirmation email from Norton, and enter our course enrollment key.
o Use trial access—Thinking about dropping this course? Register at and select two-week trial access. You’ll be able
to purchase an access code at any time during trial access.
Important Note: Norton Smartwork includes integrated ebook access. If
purchasing access online, DO NOT buy just an ebook. You need to purchase
Norton Smartwork access to complete our assignments.
Our enrollment key is: (insert enrollment key here)
Logging in as a return user
When logging in to complete our assignments, log-in at
Helpful links
o Norton tech
When you have a tech support issue, submit a help desk request before
coming to me. Your problem will get solved more quickly!
o Student how-to videos—
o Student Quickstart Guide—