Construct a acrostic using the word IMP

Gilded Age Industry Tic-Tac-Toe
You will be completing a tic-tac-toe game by completing three assignments. The only stipulation is that you MUST use the CENTER
square as one of your three. These topics cover America during the Gilded Age Industry .
Construct an acrostic using the term GILDED
AGE. You should include at least 2 terms from
you Standard 11 vocabulary list.
Write two newspaper articles, 1 supporting the
practices of the Captains of Industry, and the other
criticizing the practices of the Robber Barons. Use
at least 2 specific people from your text and
include why their practices made them either
Captains or Barons.
Illustrate a political cartoon dealing with the
expansion of big business in the United States
during the Gilded Age.
Complete the mind map activity sheet concerning
the Industrial impact during the Gilded Age. For
each term or idea, you will be responsible for
drawing a picture associated with the definition
OR its importance in the war. You will also write
three facts that detail the importance and lasting
significance of the item.
Complete an illustrated timeline of the
technological inventions of the Gilded Age.
Include at least 10 events and 7
Create a Monument that honors the inventions of
Thomas Edison and their impact on American life.
Choose from the following accomplishments: the
electric light bulb, motion
pictures, and the phonograph.
Read Andrew Carnegie’s “Wealth and Its Uses” and write a
one page paper that answers the following questions.
Using a blank map of the U.S., trace the major
railroad lines and the time zones. Explain why the
time zones were created and what benefits they
Analyze the Modern Colossus of RailRoads
political cartoon answer the two accompanying
1. What did Carnegie say are the three ways
to use wealth?
2. Which of the three uses did he endorse?
3. From what you know about Carnegie’s life,
did he live up to his own philosophy of
wealth and its uses?
4. Do you agree with Carnegie and why?