Unit 1 Key Terms Research

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Unit 1 Key Terms Research
The West and the Gilded Age
Please define and describe the following terms, event, and
people by either writing a sentence about each one or by
listing three important details about each term. Number each
1) Andrew Carnegie was a….
1) Andrew Carnegie
 Philanthropist
 Entrepreneur
Key People:
1)Andrew Carnegie, 2)Jane Addams, 3)Teddy Roosevelt,
4)Eugene V. Debbs
Key Terms/Events:
5)Settlement, 6)Manifest Destiny, 7)Expansion,8) Indian Policy,
9)Immigration,10) Urbanization,11) Industrialization,12) Factory System,
13)Migration, 14)Inventions,15) Political Corruption, 16)Growth of Railroads,
17)Philanthropy, 18)Labor Unions, 19)Westward Movement,20) Homestead
Act,21) Laissez-Faire, 22)Absolute and Relative Chronology,23) Indian
Removal, 24)Gilded Age, 25)Dawes Act, 26)Populism,27) Civil Service
Reform,28) Haymarket Riot, 29)Entrepreneurship,30) Social Issues,
31)Women’s Issues, 32)Minorities,33) Immigrants,
34) Social Gospel,
35)American Dream, 36)Klondike Gold Rush, 37)Anti-Trust,38) Pure Food
and Drug Act, 39)Americanization, 40)Automobile,41) Electricity,
42)Communication,43) Political Machines