Sarabande on harpsichord

Bach: Partita No 4 in D: Sarabande and Gigue
1) After listening through the audio file of the Sarabande with your score, please watch the
following performance on harpsichord, which is what Bach originally wrote the music for.
2) Research the harpsichord, and jot down below how the instrument works, and any particular
methods used when playing. What does stile brise mean? Why are long held notes not particularly
useful to a harpsichord player??
3) Define and describe the following: partita; sarabande; gigue.
1) What ornament is in bar 1?
2) What key is the music in at the following places:
Bar 5:
Bar 7-8:
Bar 9-13:
3) Describe the texture at the following places:
Bar 1:
Bar 2:
Bars 3-11:
Bar 12:
4) Where between bars 1 and 13 are there 2 examples of an emphasis on the second beat,
typical of a sarabande?
5) What cadence finishes the first section 11-12?
6) Find an example of where a motif is repeated.
7) Find an example of where a motif is heard in sequence.
8) What chord is at bar 12, beat 2?
Radio 3 notes
Slideshare with chords