Baroque #1 What is the name of the keyboard instrument that

#1 What is the name of the keyboard instrument that
preceded the piano?
#2 The form of music written to be performed in a
church service:
#3 1600-1750
What is a harpsichord?
What is a cantata?
What are the dates of the
Baroque era?
What is a suite?
#4 A larger work consisting of individual movements
written for orchestra. It is also a term often given to a
collection of pieces taken from music written for an
opera or ballet and compiled into an orchestral Suite
for performance in a concert setting.
#5 What are two types of compositions for solo
What is a sonata and concerto?
instruments with orchestral accompaniment and
three to four movements?
J.S. Bach
#1 The country where Bach was born.
#2 Name two instruments that Bach played.
Where is Germany?
What is the violin, organ, and
He put him in prison.
#3 What did Bach’s employer, Duke Wilhelm Ernst do
when Bach announced that he was looking for a new
#4 The place where Bach mostly worked was a
What is a church? (4 churches
and two choirs)
#5 Bach's birth and death dates
George Frideric Handel
The country where Handel traveled to study music
because home was too boring. In this country Handel
discovered his first love, opera.
One of Handel's best known oratorios
Handel moved to and died in this city.
Handel wrote this piece of music for King George I
and performed it on the Thames River.
When the "Hallelujah Chorus" is performed, it is
traditional to _________.
What is "The Messiah?"
Where is London?
Water Music
What is stand?
Antonio Vivaldi
#1 Vivaldi's nickname
#2 Place of Vivaldi's birth
The Red Priest
Where is Venice, Italy?
#3 For whom did Vivaldi write his music?
#4 Vivaldi's best known music
Who are orphans?
What are "The Four Seasons"
(La Primavera - Spring)
#5 Although famous in his day Vivaldi ending up dying What is penniless?
in this financial standing.
Music Elements/Review
We use thick/thin to describe how many instruments
are playing at the same time?
What is it called when music moves rhythmically at
the same time.
The descriptor for music that has many parts at
different times with different rhythms.
Which two composers were born in the same year?
Which two composers went blind?
Final Question
Name one famous person and event that occured during
the Baroque era?
What is texture?
What is homophonic?
What is polyphonic?
Who are Bach and Handel?
Who are Handel and Bach?
Artists: Rembrandt, Caravaggio,
Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin,
Isaac Newton (discovers law of
gravity), Fahrenheit (invented
thermometer), George
Washington, Invention of the
piano, invention of the steam