July 16th Minutes - Hesters Way Partnership

Hesters Way Partnership
Partners Meeting
Hesters Way Community Resource Centre
Incorporating Hesters Way Community Safety Partnership
Monday 16th July 2012 - 5.45pm to 7pm
Philip Smith
Alan Thompson
Cllr Charmian
John Bearcroft
Frank Beattie
St Aidan & Silas (Chair)
GCHQ (Treasurer)
Gloucestershire County Council
Suzanne Shead
Ryan Barkle
PC Alistair
Andy Hayes
Caron Forbes
Cheltenham Borough Homes
Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project
Bromford Group
Guinness Hermitage
Gloucestershire Police
Hesters Way Partnership
Hesters Way Partnership
Agenda Item 1 – Welcome, Apologies and Introductions
The Chair welcomed Partners to the meeting and introductions were made for the benefit of those who
had not previously met. Apologies were received from Russel Ellicott, Dave Turner, Cllr Pat Thornton,
Karen Rearie, Julian Simcox, Cllr Wendy Flynn, Celia Wear, Inspector Jon Roberts and Mo McManus.
Agenda Item 2 – Minutes of the Last Meeting, Matters Arising and Declarations of Any Other
 Minutes of the last meeting - held on 19th March 2012 were agreed by those present and signed
by the Chair.
 Actions from the last meeting – Philip Smith confirmed that Coronation Square was decked with
for Jubilee weekend although rain dampened the celebrations.
 Matters Arising from the Minutes – none
 Declarations of Any Other Business - none
Agenda Item 3 – Hesters Way Community Safety Partnership (CCSP)
 Minutes of the last meeting – were agreed and signed by PC Hammett, in the absence of Insp
Jon Roberts, who was unable to attend the meeting.
 Actions from the last meeting - Hesters Way Community Safety Partnership – Action to
remain as Insp Jon Roberts not present at the meeting,
PC Hammett presented the following reports:
 SARA Report – please see the attached. Current area SARA plans are as follows:
 Springbank - Drugs Issues in Graveney Court and Grenadier Road. Police continue to
monitor and gather intelligence and are working with Partners to address issues. Andy Hayes
raised the concerns of local residents at the length of time that this SARA has been ongoing.
He asked if there were reasons why this issue has not yet been resolved by the execution of
warrants to specific addresses and if there were links to other reported drugs activity in
neighbouring streets. PC Hammett was unable to advise and offered to feedback comments to
 St Marks (including St Peters) - issues with young people causing a nuisance in the
Coronation Square area with a view to sourcing diversionary activities – Police continue to
patrol the area regularly and liaise with detached youth workers active in the area. Young
people have expressed interest in football activities which is supported through football
sessions in King George V Park offered by the Aston Project as well as sessions held at Glos
College. Police have noted a reduction in the number of incidents reported and will continue
to monitor over the summer period. Philip Smith noted that if there were public notice boards
available locally; information on diversionary activities could be promoted more easily along
with requests from Police for local intelligence.
 Community Safety Report – please see the attached report. In addition the following was noted:
 Crime reduction – of 21% noted in the last seven months when compared to the first
comparable seven months, notably relating to dwelling burglary. The success of officers in
achieving the reduction in reported crime was recognised and PC Hammett offered to pass on
Hesters Way Partnership
thanks from The Chair to his colleagues, adding that any letters or emails of thanks are
circulated to the team. PC Hammett also confirmed that there are plans to address issues of
security faced by new students attending the University this year as in previous years.
Aston Project – football sessions offered at King George V Park are so well subscribed that
additional volunteers to run the sessions would be welcomed. Cllr Sheppard suggested linking
with Julian Alsop, Footballers Careers. Concerns were raised by Cllr Sheppard regarding
provision of uniforms for disadvantaged young people offered opportunities in uniformed
groups such as Sea and Army Cadets and asked to be advised if help is required. Alan
Thompson indicated that help may be available via GCHQ with needs of those engaging in
military cadet organisations.
Any Other Business  Neighbourhood Coordination Meetings – next meetings on Thursday 1st November 2012 as
 Hesters Way, Springbank and Fiddlers Green – 10.30am to 12.30pm – venue to be confirmed
 St Marks (including St Peters) – 2pm to 4pm – venue to be confirmed
For more information on these meetings including future meeting dates and papers from
previous meetings please see
The next Community Safety report by Inspector Roberts will be included in the Hesters Way
Partnership meeting on Monday 19th November 2012 from 6pm to 7pm following the Hesters Way
Partnership Annual General Meeting.
The Chair thanked PC Hammett for his report and for attending the meeting.
Provide Andy Hayes with information where Partners can support the
Aston Project via resources/funding/time (Action to remain from 19.3.12)
Jon Roberts
Agenda Item 4 – Partners Reports
 Cheltenham Borough Homes – John Bearcroft advised:
 Scott and Edward Wilson Houses – regeneration work continues and a job club for residents
has been started offering help with CVs and interview techniques. This work is supported by
the Job Centre to encourage residents into employment and volunteering. The improvements
to Scott and Edward Wilson Houses were recognised with benefits to residents including
gardening clubs, residents groups and a greater enjoyment of community life
 Hobart House – major works to commence shortly improving external areas to include
community garden, children’s play area, lighting and security.
 Cleveland Square, Rowanfield – allotment project in partnership with Vision 21 has
 Restructure – a larger team dedicated to addressing anti social behaviour issues will be
introduced from September.
 Apprenticeships – there are currently opportunities for young people in construction and
business administration available..
 Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project – Kevin Devaney provided the attached update. In
addition Frank Beattie, Director HWNP, asked for help in promoting an opportunity for a volunteer
driver for the St Marks Lunch Club. Caron to liaise with Frank and promote to Partners.
 St Aidan and St Silas – Philip Smith advised that there is a new community garden at St Aidan on
Coronation Square, which he hopes will link to space at Oasis in the future.
 Bromford Group – Suzanne Shead advised that welfare reforms may have a considerable impact
on some residents, with Bromford seeking to support customers through changes that may
otherwise prove challenging.
Hesters Way Partnership
Social Enterprise – Bromford is currently working with young people in Cirencester to create a
social enterprise around a youth club. There may be potential to roll out a similar project in
Cheltenham in the future.
 Bromford Deal – Suzanne expressed interest in potentially linking with local job clubs and
volunteering opportunities for the benefit of Bromford clients. As part of the Bromford Deal
tenants are encouraged to take up employment and volunteering opportunities and online
resources are currently available.
 Tennyson Road – a new development on the former Spirax Sarco site is planned with
Bromford seeking to create a balanced community.
Guinness Hermitage – Ryan Barkle advised that the Dreamscheme which ran in Podsmead has
been nominated for a national award, to be awarded shortly.
Agenda Item 5 – Managers Update – Andy Hayes gave an update including the following:
 Oasis - Discussions are ongoing with GCC and YMCA regarding opening of Oasis, with potential
for delivery of activities from the building soon. .
 Coronation Square – B2 Retail no longer site managers. Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC)
has shown some interest in ensuring the area is kept clean and further development meeting with
representatives of CBC is to be held shortly. Cllr Sheppard requested that Andy Hayes should
suggest that some of the Mary Portas High Street Innovation funding be allocated to Hesters Way
to encourage use of the shops.
 Monkscroft Primary Schools buildings have been demolished and a new care home is due to
open in September
 Christ College Development - Demolition of the old school commences soon. A meeting of key
stakeholders is to be held on 19th July to discuss potential options pre planning permission and
raise awareness of interest in the site to the Diocese of Clifton, site owners. Cllr Sheppard noted a
preference for the pedestrian crossing near the entrance of the existing site to be retained. She
asked if representatives of the Sea Cadets and the Pupil Referral Unit could be invited to the
meeting. Andy felt this may be too short notice and offered to raise awareness of these
stakeholders at the meeting.
 Springbank Shops – The developer is in pre planning discussions with CBC planning dept. CBC
planning dept has asked for the Partnership’s support with the forthcoming public consultation.
 Parks for People Project – funded by CBC Community Pride to promote the strategic
development and increased use of local parks through collaborative working. Working with the
University and King George V Park Stakeholders, plans have been drawn and potential
redevelopment under discussion. Some finance is available but further funding will be required to
gradually build up the park in the future. Details of the photo competition, won by a local young
person can be seen on page 8 of the July edition of Viewpoint magazine.
 Dreamscheme – in Partnership with Guinness Hermitage to commence in September.
Agenda Item 6 – Any Other Business – None declared.
Agenda Item 7 – Date of Next Meeting –
Monday 19th November 2012
Annual General Meeting 5.30pm to 6pm
Partners Meeting – 6pm to 7pm
to include the Hesters Way Community Safety Report
Hesters Way Community Resource Centre
Name ……………………………………………..
See page 4 for action table
Hesters Way Partnership
Highlight High Street Innovation funding for potential use in Hesters Way to
representatives of Cheltenham Borough Council
Andy Hayes
Raise awareness of interest of Sea Cadets and Pupil Referral Unit in former Christ
College site
Andy Hayes