Activity List for Conceptual Flowchart

Activity List for Conceptual Flowchart
1. Think, pair, share: what steps might nature take in order to make two cells from
2. Physical demonstration: students use themselves and string to physically
demonstrate how they think a cell would divide.
3. Physical demonstration: in parking lot or on other concrete, students work in
small groups using chalk or tape to create own giant depiction of cell cycle.
4. Laboratory activity: students examine series of mitosis slides, sketch, and make
hypothesizes about what they see and what is happening.
Follow up activity: as a class, hypothesize what is happening/phases
5. Movie & study guide: watch short excerpts of movie which shows mitosis
6. Quiz: draw and label or describe in writing the phases of mitosis
7. Laboratory/Assessment activity: in groups, use different cancer drugs and
combinations to treat cells. Use immunoflourescence and cameras if available.
Present results and ideas for future experiments as a scientific poster.
8. Art activity: students use felt and Velcro or other medium to create a meiosis
9. Written test: on mitosis and meiosis, how duplication mistakes affect outcome;
may use manipulatives
10. Physical demonstration: students become homologous chromosomes, practice
sorting independently
11. Art project/assessment: in groups, research chromosomal disorder of choice and
use computers to make informational brochures