FINAL EXAM - Minnesota National Guard

FINAL EXAM (version 4)
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Circle the best answer(s) for each of the following questions.
Which drink is the least intoxicating?
A. Beer
B. Wine
C. Hard Liquor
D. All contain about the same amount of alcohol in a normal serving size
What is drug abuse? (choose one)
A. Being addicted to drugs like heroin or cocaine.
B. Taking any kind of illegal drug.
C. Using a substance for non-medical reasons to alter your mind, body, behavior and/or feelings.
D. Taking so much of any drug that you become sick from an overdose.
Why do some young people abuse drugs?
A. Because they are curious about what the drugs do.
B. Because they don’t have much going on and are bored.
C. They start because their friends talk them into it.
D. They think they will escape from their problems.
E. All of the above and more. It depends on the person and the drug.
What kinds of drugs are most commonly abused?
A. Two types: uppers and downers.
B. Six types: stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, cannabis, narcotics and inhalants.
C. Four types: marijuana, cocaine, heroin and pills.
D. Three types: psychedelics, tranquilizers and narcotics.
What is the deadliest drug in the United States? (choose one)
A. Crack
B. Alcohol
C. Speed
D. Tobacco
Alcohol/drugs are a factor in over 40% of the following.
A. Car crashes
B. AIDS cases
C. Murders
D. Rapes
E. Child abuse cases
F. All of the above
Which of the following substances are considered drugs? (circle all that apply)
A. Cocaine
B. Alcohol
C. Marijuana
D. Nicotine
E. Adhesive (glue)
Amphetamines & Methamphetamines:
A. Cause the central nervous system to “speed-up.”
B. Are a type of stimulant
C. Are used in medicine as anti-depressants and diet pills.
D. All of the above
F. Decreases mental alertness and retards learning and memory.
G. Can be used as a diet pill.
H. Does not affect your ability to operate cars or machinery.
I. Helps your lungs process oxygen.
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10. What is THC?
A. Tobacco heightened with Cocaine
B. The name of a rap musician.
C. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.
D. None of the above.
11. How long can marijuana-related chemicals be detected in blood tests?
A. 30 minutes
B. 30 hours
C. 30 days
D. 30 months
Answer the following questions with a T for True or F for False
12. ____ The only type of cell in the body that cannot reproduce itself are brain and lung cells.
13. ____ Alcoholism is a disease that can be cured.
14. ____ A person can become addicted to methamphetamine after just one use.
15. ____ Heroin is a narcotic and is just as dangerous as cocaine.
16. ____ Methamphetamine is a drug that affects only the user.
17. ____ Smoking is responsible for approximately 90% of all lung cancer deaths each year.
18. ____ Drinking “too much” alcohol can kill a person.
19. ____ Inhalants may cause permanent brain damage, and even kill after the first use.
20. ____ Second-hand (passive) tobacco smoke is dangerous for all those exposed.
21. ____ Alcohol is our countries largest addiction.
22. ____ Over half of all Americans use illegal drugs.
23. ____ Its safer to drive a car “stoned” than it is to drive drunk.
24. ____ Illegal drug users are more successful than non illegal drug users.
25. ____ Illegal drug users should be aloud to use because their drug use only affects them.