Illegal Drugs Web

Illegal Drugs Web
Drug Abuse: using a substance that are illegal or are not suppose to be taken into the body.
Drug Misuse: Use of a legal drug in an improper way.
Define: _drugs that speed up the body’s functions_____________
List affects on body _Increases breathing rate & BP, the feel awake and alert.
Define: drugs prescribed to
Stimulate the Central
Nervous System (CNS)
Medical Need _Treats ____
_ narcolepsy _________
Examples: ______________
Define: Powerful, illegal
Affects on Body: exhilaration
and burst of energy____
followed by depression_
when the drug wears off
Crack Cocaine
Define: concentrated form of
Of cocaine that is smoked and
produces an intense high for seconds. Leads to
seizures, heart attack and possibly death. Incredibly
Drugs that slow down the body’s functions and reactions; reduce BP, HR and
breathing rate. Used to relieve anxiety, nervousness and sleeplessness
Define: Can help a person
Define: Powerful sedatives
relax Without making them
less alert________________
used for medical purposes
Examples valium, xanax____
Affects on body _reduces muscular
Activity, coordination, attention and
Anxiety. Withdrawal can cause tremors
And lead to coma and/or death
AKA downers_________
affects on body mood changes
and excessive sleep.
to coma.
Define: very strong___
drugs that bring on__
sleep and reduce anxiety
Affects on body _impairs
Can lead coordination and judgment
Depresses circulatory and
respiratory systems
Other Illegal drugs
Define: specific drugs that are obtainable only
Define: an illegal drug that is made from morphine and is highly
by prescription
Legal/Illegal? Legal if not misused or abused
Effects on body: instant high but short lived; withdrawals are painful
Legal use: to treat extreme pain, stop sever coughing,
Codeine is a narcotic
Effects on body:
Define: drugs that distort moods, thoughts and senses
Effects on body: affect cerebrum (controls intellect and perception)
Affects CNS, increases heart and respiratory rates
Hashish: more powerful drug derived from the marijuana plant with higher levels of THC
PCP AKA Angel Dust
Define:powerful and dangerous hallucinogen
whose effects last a long time
Effects on body convulsions, heart and lung failure
Define: distorts perceptions of sound and color, causes unpredictable
Effects on body: unpredictable behavior, flashbacks, false feeling of
Violent behavior, temporary psychosis
Forms: powder, pills, capsules, liquid
How does it enter your body? swallowed, injected or smoked
Forms: tablets, liquid, soaked with paper
Designer Drugs/Club Drugs:
Define: drugs that are made from chemicals that resemble illegal drugs
Ex: ecstasy – most popular designer drug; crystal meth
Where are they made? Homemade labs, in basements or ‘crack houses’
Why are they especially harmful and risky to take? You do not know for sure what is in them
Effects on body: usually unknown and can be unpredictable
Define: substances whose fumes are inhaled or sniffed to give a hallucinogenic like high. Examples are spray paints, glue, white
out, gasoline and household cleaners, and laughing gas. Harmful effects: brain damage, kidney and liver failure, damaged nasal
passages can lead to convulsions tremors and even death